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Revanesse - Lips
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The ‘Revanesse - Lips’ campaign was a trailblazing project launched by Revanesse USA to introduce their new "Lips" product line. Aiming to redefine the beauty industry's standards, the campaign took a bold step away from conventional beauty advertising by using evocative illustrations to celebrate the power and beauty of a woman's lips. This creative initiative was designed not just to promote a product but to inspire confidence and self-expression in every woman.

Revanesse USA tasked Renuvo Design Inc. with the ambitious challenge of conceptualizing a launch campaign for their new "Lips" product line. The client sought an innovative and illustrative campaign that would steer away from traditional model-centric advertising, instead highlighting the "red lip" as a timeless symbol of feminine beauty. The campaign required a distinctive artistic direction, one that would resonate with the core message of the brand and capture the attention of the target audience.


The primary goal was to create a series of impactful illustrations that would define the "Lips" product line, while also crafting compelling taglines and messaging that celebrated the act of embracing one's beauty. Another key objective was to design a vibrant color palette for the product packaging that would reflect the quality and elegance of the brand. The overarching aim was to elevate the product's market presence and allure, resulting in heightened brand recognition and customer engagement across various touchpoints, particularly in clinics throughout the United States.


Renuvo Design Inc. took a deeply collaborative approach, meticulously developing and refining illustrations that exuded the essence of beauty and empowerment associated with the "perfect lip." Our creative team expertly crafted the tagline “LOVE YOUR LIPS: BELIEVE IN YOUR BEAUTY, PROUDLY, UNAPOLOGETICALLY, BOLDLY,” which encapsulated the brand's philosophy and resonated with the audience on a personal level.

The Renuvo team's expertise was further showcased in the sophisticated selection of the color palette for the new packaging, which balanced the allure of boldness with the sophistication of the beauty industry.

Furthermore, Renuvo Design Inc. designed and produced a collection of brochures that served as the narrative backbone of the campaign. These brochures articulated the value proposition of the "Lips" product line and were pivotal in educating and engaging with potential customers. Distributed alongside the print ads in clinics across the United States, the brochures played a crucial role in the campaign's outstanding reception.

The comprehensive campaign culminated in a successful product launch, with the brochures enhancing understanding and appeal of the "Lips" line. The creative decisions made by Renuvo Design Inc. paid off, leading to an increase in brand awareness, customer inquiries, and a positive impact on sales. The "Revanesse - Lips" campaign was a testament to the power of cohesive and innovative design in transforming a product launch into a celebrated brand experience.

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